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Growing independent Learners at Te Mata Kids

When your tamariki are nearing the age when it’s time to head to primary school, it’s crucial to ensure they have a few basic practical skills. At Te Mata Kids early childhood centre in Havelock North, we are on board to help your daycare kid achieve these milestones that will see them hitting the next step in their development feeling like they can take care of themselves in small ways.

Get Your Shoes and Socks On

Starting at the feet and working our way up, together we can get your childcare child to the point where they can manage popping on their socks and shoes. This is primarily a fine motor skill task, and at Te Mata Kids daycare Havelock North, we understand that all tamariki learn and grow at different rates. So when it’s time to learn to tie those laces, we need to be sure we are choosing a moment that doesn’t have a limit – within reason.

Choose Your Moment

Mornings can be notoriously difficult at the best of times, especially if a few kids are heading in different directions and adults also need to get to work or study too! So Te Mata Kids recommends you don’t throw a shoe-tying lesson into the mix when you are rushing to get out the door. This will likely end up with more than one of you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or upset, so keep it simple and choose a quiet moment across the weekend or during the evening – if you are feeling relaxed.


The team at our Havelock North childcare believe a smart approach to teaching your tamariki to tie their shoelaces is to practice with the shoe on the table, as not needing to bend down to learn may make a huge difference for little fingers. Once they have done this to the point where they seem to be getting it, encourage them to loosen their laces and then pop the shoe onto their own foot. Try not to intervene if they struggle; just encourage them in an even tone to keep trying or give them a tip. A great way to keep things fun is to take your own shoe off and tie the laces alongside your daycare kid; then, when it comes time for them to put the shoe on, you put yours on too.

If you can bring your tamariki up to speed on these kinds of skills before they get to school, they will feel a little more independent when the big day arrives. Get in touch with us at Te Mata Kids in Havelock North for more tips and tricks to keep everyone moving forward together.