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Keep Your Finger on the Pulse with the Storypark App

At Te Mata Kids early childhood centre in Havelock North, we love to build strong connections with our whanau and our hoa (friends). At the moment visiting people is a little trickier than usual, and some families have not been able to connect in person at all over the past couple of years. We are all hoping to see each other soon, but until we can, we need to work a little harder than usual at making sure our bonds remain tight with those people we love that are elsewhere.

The Storypark App

Lots of people have been signing up to the Storypark App at Te Mata Kids childcare. This is a fresh new way for us to stay in touch with you after you drop your tamariki off at childcare. We use Storypark to post photos and videos (read more here), and we use it to keep communications running smoothly with all our daycare families. Storypark is an interactive platform, so when your child achieves something cool or makes something awesome, we can post it up for you to see, then you can comment and you can also share!

Sharing With Whanau

Storypark is totally secure, and the only people who see pictures and videos of your children are the people you choose to share them with. This is a wonderful way for grandparents and friends who may be far away to keep connected to the day-to-day learning and development of your tamariki. We have lots of fun every day at our Havelock North childcare centre and we try to capture a good selection of moments across the day, if there is something, in particular, you would love to see – just ask!

Reduce Waste

Another great thing about Te Mata Kids whanau using the Storypark App is that it reduces paper waste. While we still keep a paper portfolio of the art and craft that tamariki are making, we also capture things digitally, so that the amount of paper we are using is reduced. This is true for our notice system too, no more crumpled up bits of paper at the bottom of bags, missed events, or missed payments, it’s all on the App. If you are not super tech-savvy that’s ok! If you have a smartphone you can download the App, it’s really easy to use, and if you can’t figure it out on your own we are happy to help.

Get in touch with Te Mata Kids childcare in Havelock North today to chat about keeping our connections strong – we’ve got this!