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The Importance of Good Nutrition at an Early Childhood Centre

At Te Mata Kids childcare in Havelock North we are always excited about using food to nourish our bodies and minds – and as a way to connect with each other. We believe that proper nutrition is the foundation of better growth and development, and we work hard to ensure that your tamariki are getting what they need from the daycare kitchen.

Garden To Table

Your childcare kids are in the right place when it comes to gaining a healthy understanding of the processes that take place to get the food that we enjoy. Te Mata Kids are really fortunate in that we have enough space at our Havelock North childcare centre to provide a garden for the children to explore and learn about where our vegetables come from.

Life Cycles And Food

Sustainable ideals are one of the things we work towards at Te Mata Kids childcare centre, this means we set up systems that ensure all the great things we enjoy now will also be enjoyed by your tamariki when they have their own kids! When it comes to food we start in the soil, feeding our worm farm so our worms work hard to make our soil rich. We bring our food scraps from the kitchen out to the compost, and when the compost is ready we feed that back into the earth, this results in a really fertile garden.

Pick The Food

Working in the garden is part of our day at Te Mata Kids daycare Havelock North, and we start by sprouting seeds in containers and watching them grow. Once our wee seedlings are strong enough we take them out to the main garden and plant them, we water our baby plants, remove bugs from their leaves and watch them turn into healthy mature vegetables. This is a great opportunity for our daycare kids to learn when to harvest – and how best to remove the different types of food our garden provides.

Prepare The Food

Once we have harvested our vegetables we bring them into the Te Mata Kids kitchen, we wash them and trim off the parts we don’t use – these bits go into our compost. Our early childhood centre provides meals for your tamariki most days and we incorporate these fresh, nutritious veggies into our Nourish menu. We love to make healthy favourites taste even better with food so fresh it may bite you back!

To learn more about how we feed our bodies, minds and spirits at Te Mata Kids daycare in Havelock North, get in touch for a chat, or organise a visit to our garden!